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1. Are Bake Mixes' products vegan?

Yes! We never have and never will use animal products in our range of baking mixes. We also leave the decision about what you add to the mixes up to you - the mixes will be just as delicious with pure maple syrup and almond milk as they would be with honey and cow’s milk. We like to keep everyone happy!

2. Are Bake Mixes' products natural?

Yes. All Bake Mixes products are made with only the best quality natural, whole food ingredients from reputable Australian whole food suppliers.  Many of our ingredients are organic, although we do not pay for organic certification.

3. Are Bake products gluten free?

We have seven products in our range that do not contain gluten:

  1. Banana & Cinnamon Muffins Mix
  2. Cacao & Acai Muffins Mix
  3. Raw Cacao Bliss Balls Mix
  4. Coconut & Cranberry Cookies
  5. Blueberry & Cinnamon Pancakes
  6. Matcha and Vanilla Pancakes
  7. Turmeric & Lemon Bliss Balls Mix

Our other products, the Cacao-Chip Muesli Bars and the Cacao-Chip Chia & Oat Cookies contain oats and therefore are not marked Gluten Free.

4. Are Bake Mixes' products nut free?

The Cacao-Chip Muesli Bars Mix and the Pancake Mixes are the only Bake Mixes product that do not contain nuts. We use almond flour or LSA Meal as a flour replacement in most of our mixes to boost the nutritional value and protein content.

Please note: All of our mixes are processed in a facility that produces nut-containing products.

5. Do Bake Mixes' products contain sugar?

We never have and never will use processed white sugars in our mixes, we wouldn’t do that to you. We do, however, realise the need for balance and although our products are not overly sweet, we do slightly sweeten our mixes naturally.

We use a very minimal amount of natural coconut sugar in our Banana and Cinnamon Muffins Mix, Cacao and Acai Muffins Mix, Coconut & Cranberry Cookies and Cacao-Chip Chia & Oat Cookies Mix.

This way, the level of sweetness is up to you. We recommend using either pure maple syrup, agave or organic honey as natural sweeteners. 

If you prefer to order mixes that have no sugar at all, try our sugarfree box - you can then add sweetener of your choice.

6. How long do the mixes last?

This depends on which product you buy, and each mix is stamped with a best before date on the back. As a rule the products will last 12 months if left unopened in your pantry.

Because we refuse to add nasty preservatives to our mixes, the finished products will also differ in shelf life:

  • Banana & Cinnamon Muffins: 2-3 days in a sealed container in the fridge, 2 months in the freezer.*

  • Cacao-Chip Muesli Bars: 2 weeks in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

  • Raw-Cacao Bliss Balls: 2 weeks in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

  • Cacao-Chip Chia & Oat Cookies: up to 1 week in a sealed container.

  • Cacao & Acai Muffins: Up to 5 days in a sealed container in the fridge, 2 months in the freezer.*
7. What do I need to add to the mixes?

What you will need to add differs between each mix, but as a rule all ingredients should be available in your local supermarket. We also provide options such as choosing pure maple syrup or honey and adding your preferred type of milk, whether that's almond, dairy, soy or something else.

Across the entire range, the ingredients to add include: maple syrup/agave/honey, coconut oil, dates and your choice of milk.

To see what needs to be added to each individual mix, please read the product description for each mix on the product page.

8. Are Bake products suitable for children?

Definitely! All of the Bake Mixes range make perfect snacks for hungry kids. With no nasty ingredients the Bake products are much more child friendly than many of the processed snacks you will find in the supermarket.

Because our mixes are so simple to make, getting the kids involved is a great way to teach them about cooking too.

Please keep in mind local kindergarten and primary school restrictions on products containing nuts.

9. Do I need to be a good cook to make the mixes?

We have designed our mixes to be suitable for all levels of home cooks- from people who can barely reheat a microwave meal to MasterChef wannabes!

This means you can make our mixes 2 ways- by following our simple step-by-step instructions, or by getting creative and adding super foods to the mixes.

Either way you’re going to love it!


We ship using a courier service and do not ship to PO Boxes unless this is pre-arranged.  We select the best carrier based on both your location and the parcel size. 

Our #1 goal is always to have parcels delivered quickly and in perfect condition.  Unfortunately, no service is perfect and sometimes, there may be a delay with delivery your parcel that is completely out of our hands.

Please email us immediately if there does seem to be an issue as often times we are able to help fix any issues the delivery service might be experiencing.

1. Which currency will my be order be charged in?

All of the prices listed are in Australian dollars and this is how you will be charged.

2. How much is shipping?

  • Australian orders currently ship for FREE if over $50.
  • For orders under $50, we ship with a charge of $9.99 - $11.99 dependent on weight.

If your parcel is not collected by you and/or returned to our depot, you will be responsible for the re-shipping charge which will be charged to you 'at cost' by our courier provider.

For commercial, bulk or wholesale orders, please email us for reduced bulk road freight charges.

International rates are at the set cost for 'standard shipping' from Sendle.  We are not responsible for any import tax fees or lost parcels once the item leaves Australia.  We will always supply the Australian tracking number. 

3. Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to worldwide via Sendle Courier. Unfortunately, rates from Australia are quite high and shipping times can vary.  We will always pass on new, cost-effective international shipping options onto our customers when they become available we will automatically update out international shipping options.   For large orders, please email and we can get other bulk shipping quotations for you.

4. Do you offer refunds?

If your product arrives damaged or you believe it to be faulty, please contact us at “att: returns” and we will endeavour to get in touch with you within 24 hours.  For more information, see the Returns & Refunds page link in our webpage footer.

5. I want Bake Mixes in my shop! Who do I speak to?

Amazing! We would love to be there too. Please email “att: wholesale” and we will be happy to chat to you about becoming a Bake Mixes retailer.


1. How does Bake Mixes care about animals?

We are committed to being a cruelty-free company, which is why we will never use animal products in our baking mixes.

2. How does Bake Mixes care about the community? 

Giving back is a core value at Bake Mixes and we are always looking for ways to help out those in need.

We love to use fair-trade superfood ingredients in our range which help support the local communities where our products are grown. 

We are proud to produce our Bake Mixes range in a not-for-profit facility in Australia, supporting local community members with disabilities. 

3. How does Bake Mixes care about the environment?

We love our beautiful environment and want to make sure we are doing our bit in protecting it for years to come. We use minimal packaging to reduce waste and source local and fair trade ingredients where possible.